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Marin adult karate

Quite often, Karate can be misinterpreted as a fighting art. It is true that proper practical training in Karate Do hardens the individual physically, allowing for the development of a highly effective self defense system. However, besides being physically strong, or being a strong fighter, the true benefit is charater development. At Marin Goju Karate Do, we practice the classical training of Goju Ryu.

Benefits of Training for All Ages:
• Develop balanced and natural physical strength
• Learn the fluid, quick, powerful techniques of Goju
• Increase confidence, reduce fear, and improve situational awareness
• Discover the health benefits of lower abdomen breathing
• Connect the mind, body, and spirit through balanced training
• Learn the philosophy of conflict avoidance
• Give yourself a skill you can practice anytime, anywhere for a lifetime

Parents, your children are guaranteed to:
• Improve their physical fitness
• Learn Karate as it was taught traditionally
• Develop the ability to protect themselves - true self defense
• Improve life skills including managing bullying situations
• Foster discipline in the Dojo and at home
• Find true spiritual freedom and individuality
• Feed their confidence in a non-competitive environment
• Learn the importance of character development