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Marin Goju Karate

Of the many Japanese styles of Karate, Goju Ryu has received the most chinese influence. The Okinawan port city of Naha was heavily influenced by trade with Southern China, primarily the Fukien Province. Trade between China and Okinawa exposed the Okinawan art of Naha Te to several Kung Fu styles such as White Crane (referred to earlier as Pangeinoon) and Five Ancestor Fist (The way of Ngo Cho Kun). Such roots in Chinese Kung Fu and Okinawan Naha Te evolved a very practical, balanced art centered around the universal, physical and mental aspects of hard (Go) and soft (Ju) style (Ryu).

The dynamic style of Goju Ryu has many facets. Practitioners throughout the world are drawn to Goju for its strong physical training, fluid, precise circular techniques, unique breathing method, classical kata, and find the close quartered, rapid kumite training to be a challenging and complex dimension. The beauty of traditional Karate Do is that each individual can find their own path based on their interpretation of the art. Like polishing a diamond in the rough, regular training in Goju Ryu exposes the practitioner to mental, physical, and spiritual benefits as they connect with their inner self. As a karate practitioner develops their understanding, their awareness of the world around them exponentially grows, diminishing fear, elevating our confidence, and providing clarity as we view a challenging world around us.

On a very basic level, the study of Goju Ryu will simply create a stronger, healthier, connected individual all through the training of basic movements. Like day to day life, traditional Goju attempts to find the extraordinary in the disciplined practice of the basics. It's this dedication that can lead us to our ultimate goal of true character development.