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San Anselmo karate for kids The opportunity to study traditional Karate is one of the best gifts a parent can provide for their child.• Karate taught in the right way gives children the tools to deal with every day life.• At Marin Goju Karate, our goal is to provide your child with a safe learning environment where they can challenge themselves, both physically and mentally.• Karate is a wonderful art for developing a strong physical body and a calm, clear mind.• With regular training, your child will learn not only self defense and conflict avoidance through the practice of martial techniques, they develop life skills that will help them achieve their goals and follow their passions.

The training of traditional Goju Ryu Karate gives your child a well balanced, agile and graceful practice that will help them be the best they can be. It's all about character development, not competition. They will improve their self confidence, focus, integrity, patience, and discipline. At Marin Goju Karate, we follow a classical flow in class meaning that children learn they ceremonial bowing to the Dojo, the teacher, and more importantly each other. They learn how to sit mindful of their posture and actions as class transitions from one course to the next. On a higher level, they learn that their fellow students are not in competition with each other but actually helping each other as they learn the Art of Karate. Through this training style, the children naturally learn about themselves, their fellow students, and that like training, day to day life at school, on the training floor, and someday in a profession should be a wonderful experience even when great effort is needed.

Karate Can Prepare Your Child for Life:
• Create Unshakable Self Confidence
• Sharpen Focus
• Improved Grades
• Develop a "Can Do" Attitude
• Learn Conflict Avoidance
• Learn an Art they can do anywhere, anytime

Karate Training Can Help Children With:
• Physical Challenges
• Disorders such as ADHD
• Low Self Image
• Being Bullied
• The Negative effects of Social Media & Technology
• Developing Relationships
• Physical Fitness

We are so confident you will see a difference in your child in 30 days that we guarantee it!
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San Anselmo Karate for Kids

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San Anselmo children's karate instruction

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