At Marin Goju Karate Dojo, we practice a traditional Goju Kai training program. Class begins with approx. 25 minutes of exercises designed to lubricate the joints, promote blood flow, and flexibility. Concluding warm ups, practice moves into Kihon training where basic movements are isolated with the goal of repetition to increase muscle memory, speed and precision. From the stationary exercises, we challenge our basic movements with footwork found in Kihon Ido. After completion of Kihon Ido, class moves to Kata practice or Kumite training. All students from white belt to advanced black belt follow the same basic training from warm ups, Kihon, and Kihon Ido. It allows for the Goju student to become very proficient in these basic movements allowing for improved reaction and performance when under stress.

The following is a summary of our traditional training program:
Group 1: Warm up excercises - consisting of 18 items designed for preparing the practitioner for training
Group 2: Kihon (1,2,3 & 4) - basic techniques of blocking, striking and kicking in a stationary position.
Group 3: Kihon Ido - Consisting of basic techniques in motion (with foot work)
Group 4: Kata - Includes the practice of Fukyu gata (12 katas), Kihon gata (2 katas), and Kaishu gata (8 katas)
Group 5: Kumite - Includes Kihon kumite, Yakusoku kumite, and Jiyu kumite* (the dimensional, free flowing
combinations of techniques known as free sparring)

* Jiyu kumite is reserved for advanced practioners