Our dojo is a sanctioned Shibu dojo of the Goju Kai Karate Do, U.S.A National Headquarters. Being sanctioned by the Goju Kai means that all of our students training at the Marin Goju Karate Dojo in Fairfax, California will have the opportunity to receive their ranking officially through the Goju Kai, directly from 9th degree Hanshi, Gosei Yamaguchi. Sensei Gosei Yamaguchi is the eldest son of the famous, Sensei Gogen Yamaguchi, The Cat (read more).

For students that meet the requirements, testing occurs 3 times a year at the Honbu Dojo
in San Leandro. The standardized Goju Kai ranking system is as follows:

10th kyu - No Rank Holders
9th kyu - White Belt with one green stripe
8th kyu - White Belt with two green stripe
7th kyu - White Belt with three green stripes
6th kyu - Green Belt with one brown stripe
5th kyu - Green Belt with two brown stripes
4th kyu - Green Belt with three brown stripes
3rd kyu - Brown Belt with one black stripe
2nd kyu - Brown Belt with two black stripes
1st kyu - Brown Belt with three black stripes

Black Belt Level
Shodan Ho - First degree interim
Shodan - First degree
Nidan Ho Second degree interim
Nidan - Second degree
San Dan Ho - Third degree interim
San Dan - Third degree
Yon Dan- Fourth degree
Go Dan - Fifth degree
Roku Dan - Sixth degree
Sichi Dan - Seventh degree
Hachi Dan - Eighth degree
Kyu Dan - Ninth degree
Ju Dan - Tenth degree